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The only source for genuine (full-scale) draw formed metal replicas of the Mercury spacecraft, Gemini capsule, and Mars Rover.

Metal replica of Project Gemini - Project Mercury spacecraft.


About Spacecraft Exhibits


Nostalgia: Full-scale metal spacecraft replica of a Mercury and/or Gemini capsule is a must for any fledgling or established flight and space gallery.


NASA’s symbolic icons Mercury and Gemini spacecrafts have become important threads in the tapestry of American history.


Reproduced from researched specifications this is the only source for genuine (full scale) draw formed metal replica Mercury and Gemini spacecraft in the world today.


Quality is important to any manufacturer. We emphasize quality throughout each step of our manufacturing process. We also strive to be as efficient as possible so we can offer a competitive price to our customers.


Constructed from aluminum alloy they are suitable for indoor and outdoor displays. Ideal for static setting’s and ceiling hung suspension.


Originally built by McDonnell Aircraft these spacecraft represented the United States “Space Race” from the first manned Mercury sub-orbital flight of the Freedom 7 by Alan B. Shepard on May 5, 1961 and up through the final two manned Gemini 12 mission ending on November 15,1966.


We custom tailor each product to your flight mission requirements.


All sixteen original Mercury and Gemini spaceflight artifacts have permanent exhibit locations.



Project Mercury at Tommy Bartlett's Science Center
Project Mercury Freedom 7

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