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The only source for genuine (full-scale) draw formed metal replicas of the Mercury spacecraft, Gemini capsule, and Mars Rover.

Did you know that the Mercury and Gemini capsule exterior surfaces were "shingled" with metal panels?

Mercury and Gemini capsule exterior surfaces were "shingled" with metal panelsWe did . . . and that is why our Mercury, Gemini & Apollo spacecrafts are made with genuine full-scale draw formed metal panels.


Our Foundation: The cornerstone to our spacecraft replicas are the detailed replication that began with research and development.


The Framework: Durable all welded aluminum alloy structure achieves a strong yet lightweight, corrosion resistant frame insuring lifetime longevity.


Ablative Shields: Produced from traditional fiberglass cloth and resin materials. Upon request the "blunt end" can be smooth finished or made to resemble a "re-entry" texture.


Mercury and Gemini capsule dimpled metal panelsAppearance: Original Mercury and Gemini exterior surfaces were "shingled" with metal panels. The unique dimples and corrugations have been faithfully captured using industrial punch and die draw-forming methods.

Crew Compartment: Interiors can be left vacant, as well as, partially or fully furnished. Astronaut "flight" mannequins are also available.


Fasteners: Up to 1,800 various screws and washers are utilized during a typical capsule assembly.


Mercury and Gemini space craft dimpled metal panelsCosmetics: All surfaces are furnished to duplicate authentic color, tones and hues. Mission Project lettering, symbols and flags are accurately stenciled and hand painted. (as were orginials)


Our goal: To manufacture high quality, realistic historical replicas for museum display and educational dioramas.


How often do you encounter cost effective pricing . . . combined with exceptionally high quality replication?


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